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The school board is composed of three members elected at large by the community of Sunol. Their role is to set policy for the district and to direct its implementation by the school district administration. Board members serve for a four-year term of office.


Public meetings are generally scheduled once a month on a Tuesday evening at the district office, 11601 Main Street, at 5:00 p.m. at Sunol Glen School in the school library. Meetings are subject to change. Please review the School Board calendar below for upcoming scheduled Public Meetings.

Welcome to the School Board Members of the Sunol Glen Unified School District

To review the current Agenda and archived agendas:

Please click the "New Board Agenda Site - GAMUT Meetings" button below, and this will take you to our public posting of School Board Agendas.  

Click on the "Archived Board Agendas" to see agendas prior to July 31, 2022.

Please Note: Meeting minutes are available for review only after they have been adopted by the board at an upcoming regular board meeting.

To review the current Public Hearing Notices and archive:

Please click the "Public Hearing Notices" button below, and this will take you to our public posting of any currently posted and archived

posts of Public Hearing Notices.


To place an item on the agenda

Call the district office one week prior to the regularly scheduled meeting at (925) 862-2026.


To meet one-on-one with a Board Member

If you would like to meet one-on-one with a Board Member, please use contact information listed below.


Ryan Jergensen, President


Term: 2022-2026

Ryan's Bio

Peter (Ted) Romo, Member


Term: 2022-2026

Ted's Bio

Linda Hurley, Clerk


Term: 2022-2024

Linda's Bio

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