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The Enrollment window for Interdistrict Transfer students is now open for the 23-24 School Year. If you are looking to enroll your Interdistrict Transfer student into the 22-23 Active School Year or into the 23-24 Upcoming School Year, please complete Step One and then wait for contact from our Registrar. Read through the rest of the steps in the menu below and then click through the Required Documents menu at the bottom.

Please mindful of the following:

     If we do not receive your Interest Form and your Special Services Checklist (Step One),

     then your Interdistrict Transfer Agreement (Step Two) CAN NOT be approved. If you proceed

     to our online enrollment system (Step Three) anyway, then your enrollment information

     will be deleted from our system, you will not be notified and you will need to start this process

     all over again. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Steps for Enrolling Your Interdistrict Transfer Student at Sunol Glen School
(click each drop down listed below for detailed enrollment procedures)

Required Documents for Enrolling an Interdistrict Transfer Student
(click on each number below to learn more about accepted documents)

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