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CBOC Anchr

Sunol Bond Program Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC)

CBOC Committee

Chris Bobertz, Vice Chair

Lisa Ball, Secretary

Griffin Beemiller

Victoria Cloutier

Connie DeGrange

Debbie Ferrari

Bill Foulk

Jim Garcia, Chair

Ken Horton

Tom Knutsen

Timothy Koopmann

James Lowder

Alex Starr

Matthew Sylvester

Rodney Zeisse

CBOC Annual Reports

Pursuant to Education Code 15280(b), the CBOC must present an annual report to the Board of Trustees.  The annual report was provided at the Sunol Glen Governing Board meeting on May 14, 2024.

Now accepting applications for CBOC, with special consideration given to those who are parents and/or members of the Community Club as that is a required position on the CBOC. Accepting now through 12/22/2023.  Members will be chosen at the next regular or special board meeting in January of 2024, and will need to plan on attending the February 1st, 2024 CBOC meeting.

Previous applicants do NOT need to fill in another application, but rather need only to email their desire to reapply to be considered. 


Email to:

Board President, Ryan Jergensen, and Secretary to the Board and Superintendent/Principal, Molly Barnes.

As the result of the passage of Measure J, the District formed an independent oversight committee that will assist in ensuring bond revenues are expended only for the purposes outlined in the bond project list approved by Sunol voters in November 2022.

The SGUSD Bond Program Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) is enacted by a California law requiring oversight of public school bonds. The CBOC is charged with reviewing the spending of Bond funds and report their findings to the general public. Committee members who represent a variety of interests are appointed by the SGUSD Board of Trustees, upon the advice of the Superintendent, to two-year terms.

Critical School
Facilities Needs
(Tentative Projects List)

Hamilton & Aitken
Architects: Estimated Costs

Completed Projects

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Current Projects
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Implementation Plan
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Meetings are open to the general public and are held in person at Sunol Glen School Library. Meeting agendas and minutes are posted on this website (see below). The CBOC is required to follow the Brown Act.

The agenda for regular or committee meetings will be posted here 72 hours before the meeting is scheduled to occur. Agendas for special meetings are posted here at least 24 hours in advance. 

April 27, 2023

February 1, 2024

May 2, 2024

August 8, 2024







School Library



School Library

School Library





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Be sure to scroll

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    A copy of your Parent/Guardian Photo ID (FRONT & BACK) must be uploaded into the Enrollment Portal to establish relationship to the student. Any of the following photo IDs are permissible: • California Driver's License with current address or DMV-stamped change of address or computer print out; (Front & Back) • California Identification Card; (Front & Back) • Passport; • Consulate-Issued ID; • Employment ID; Review Information on the Rights of All Children to Enroll in School here.
  • CHILD'S PROOF OF AGE (required)
    A copy of Child's Proof of Age must be uploaded into the Enrollment Portal to establish child meets minimum age requirement by September 1st. Any one of the following documents are permissible to establish a child's age: • ​Original Birth Certificate (Born in USA); • Lost birth certificates can be ordered from the County Recorder’s Office in County of birth; • Passport (non-USA birth); • Certificate of Live Birth – State Issued; • Baptismal Certificate Review the Rights of All Children to Enroll in School here. Review SGUSD Birthdate Criteria here.
    Sunol Residency Verification (Proof of Address, Zip COde: 94586) is required for Sunol Residents Only: • Sunol students NEW to the district (must upload during Online Enrollment); or, • When a current family changes their address; (must be provided to Registrar after moving) The following schedule of documents are permissible, please read carefully: CATEGORY ONE: (choose one) • Copy of current mortgage statement; • Copy of closing escrow statement; • Copy of Property Tax Bill, payment receipts; • Copy of rental contract or lease (Must be current and list ALL occupant’s names; with landlord name, address and phone number); NOTE: If your family is living with another family. The person whose name is on the utility bills will need to come with you to the School District Office and sign a Declaration of Residency. The person must bring a current utility bill and a picture I.D. This needs to be done at the time of enrollment. CATEGORY TWO: (choose two) • Current Gas bill, service contract, statement or payment receipts; • Current Water bill, service contract, statement or payment receipts; • Current Garbage bill, service contract, statement or payment receipts; • Current pay stubs; • Voter registration; • Correspondence from a government agency
    Proof of Immunization must be uploaded into the Online Enrollment system during enrollment. Provide complete up-to-date immunization records stamped and signed by a physician (choose one): • Yellow California Immunization Record; • Doctor Records; • School Records; You may review the California Immunization Requirements for K–12th Grade by downloading the PDF below, or by navigating to
    Please download, fill out, and save your Special Services Checklist. You will be required to upload a completed checklist for *each* student you enroll in our Online Enrollment system.
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