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New Student
Enrollment for 23-24
Returning Student
Data Confirmation for 23-24

Sunol Glen Unified School District

Returning Student Data Confirmation // New Student Enrollment // Interdistrict Transfer

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Welcome to Sunol Glen School, home of the Eagles!

The Sunol Glen Unified School District is a single-school, school district with grades Kindergarten through Grade 8, TK for Sunol residents only, and includes the onsite Preschool, Eagle's Nest. Sunol Glen is a public school located in the town of Sunol, CA, in the Niles Canyon region between the communities of Fremont and Pleasanton.

Currently, our K-8th Grade school is accepting interested students in all grades for the upcoming 2023-24 school year. If you have questions, please contact our Office Secretary & Registrar, Cynthia Grant by calling the main line.

Priority enrollment for the 23-24 School Year

is as follows:

     1. Sunol Residents

     2. Currently attending Transfer students

     3. Siblings of current Transfer students

     4. Pre-School students
     5. New Transfer Students on the Interest List

Please utilize the buttons below for step-by-step instructions for New Student Enrollment or Returning Student Data Confirmation or Interdistrict Transfer. If you are a NEW interdistrict transfer student, you MUST start there.

Process for Sunol Residents

For students who live within the community of Sunol (zip code: 94586). New Enrollment (requires Proof of Residency) and Returning Student Data Confirmation links below; please be mindful of the Opening dates.

Click this button IF you:

  • Are a resident of Sunol; AND,

  • Your student has already been

     enrolled and is currently attending

     Sunol Glen School.

COMPLETED for 23-24 SY

NOW Open 2/23/23 for 23-24 SY

Click this button IF you:

  • Are a resident of Sunol; AND,

  • Your student is NEW to the district and has

     NEVER been enrolled*

*Even if an older sibling has been attending Sunol Glen, if a younger sibling has never attended, they must be enrolled FIRST.

Process for Interdistrict Transfers

For students who reside outside the community of Sunol. All Interdistrict requests must be initiated in the student's district of residence. Please review the steps linked below for NEW enrollments.

Click this button IF you:

  • Are NOT a resident of Sunol and wish to enroll**; OR,

  • You are a resident of Sunol and wish to request an

     outgoing interdistrict transfer to another district.

*All incoming interdistrict transfer students MUST have an

  approved application from their home school submitted and

  on file at SGUSD before enrolling and attending Sunol Glen.

Click this button IF you:

  • Are a CURRENT Interdistrict Transfer Student; AND,

  • Your Interdistrict Transfer Student has an approved

    Transfer agreement on file with SGUSD and
is currently attending Sunol Glen School.

NOW Open 2/23/23 for 23-24 SY

COMPLETED for 23-24 SY

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