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Molleen Barnes, Superintendent

Bessie Leung, Fiscal Services


(925) 862-2026 main

(925) 862-0127 fax

Financial Reporting at SGUSD


The financial department plays an integral role in the ability of the school district to provide a quality education for our students. As the financial center of the district, this department is responsible for:


• Processing of all fiscal transactions.


• Providing important budget information necessary to make crucial decisions which ultimately affect the classroom.


• Ensuring sufficient instructional facilities are available to all children in our District, by carefully monitoring the effects of growth and securing the financing necessary to provide adequate classrooms and support facilities.


• Maintaining the safety, cleanliness, and general repair of all district facilities.


• Providing purchasing for the District.


• Procuring nutritious meal options for students.


• Managing contracted services for before and after school child care.

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