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Sunol Glen’s School Site Council is a committed group that helps make decisions to support school programs, materials and budget. It is comprised of parents, students, teachers, classified staff members and administrators. The council meets monthly.


The school site council is an advisory committee to the school. It is the duty of this committee to oversee and manage the school-based coordinated programs (supported by state funds) and the School Plan. The council sets goals for improving student achievement and determines how some discretionary funds the school receives will be used to improve academic performance of all students.


The council manages and allocates funds from categoricals that the district gets from the state. An annual plan is developed that outlines Sunol Glen's intentions regarding those funds. The plan is approved by the school board and acts as our blueprint for the school year.


Council members are appointed by the council or elected by the school's parents. Each council member has the power of one vote on the council. Terms last for two school years. Council members are volunteers; they are not paid for their work.


Meetings are held in the Superintendent's Office, and all council meetings are open to the public.




Application forms for the school site council are available each August and if there is an election for the positions, it is held at our annual Back To School Night event.

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